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Mannequin Triptych (with Spring Hurlbut)

12 Jan. 2002

Spring Hurlbut is a Toronto artist known for her installations of period objects, including a recent show at the Royal Ontario Museum published as The Final Sleep (2001).

In a new joint work, Mike Robinson and Hurlbut have worked together to produce three progressive views of a wax-headed mannequin from France ca. 1917 as quarter-plate daguerreotypes. The plates apply difficult 19th century techniques of vignetting and hand-coloring to their subject.

Those in Toronto have the opportunity to view a set of the Mannequin daguerreotypes exhibited along with Hurlbut's installation of the mannequin by Sable Castelli Gallery (show closing February 2nd).

At time of writing, plates from the Mannequin series are available.

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