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Surgery Daguerreotype Published in Discover

15 Jan. 2002

In "Photography, Old and New Again," the February 2002 Discover magazine presents the Daguerreotype and the work of Mike Robinson to a new and broader audience. The project showcased in this article is a set of plates commissioned by the magazine and taken by Robinson in January 2001. Drawing on the famous daguerreotypes of Southworth and Hawes, which illustrated the use of anesthesia at Massachusetts General Hospital in 1847, Discover asked Robinson to produce daguerreotypes of an operation in progress at the contemporary Massachusetts General. The result of the commission was two different quarter-plate views.

Mike's first plate shows the operation in progress: (Click image for a closer view)

In a second view view, participants from the first surgery plate were joined by additional hospital staff for a view taken in the hospital "Etherdome," recreating the perspective of Southworth and Hawes' plate. (Click image for a closer view)

Additional information on this sitting can be found in the Discover magazine article and in the 2000 Daguerreian Society Annual article, "The Making of Twenty Daguerreotypes".