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Modern Daguerreotypes in NYC

14 Jun. 2002

Modern daguerreotypes are included in The Antiquarian Avant-Garde, a show which opened at Sarah Morthland Gallery yesterday evening. Featured are several plates by Jerry Spagnoli, including an interesting three-image panorama of Central Park, along with two examples from Chuck Close's series of body views. A unusual and expansive 11x14 inch daguerreotype by Adam Fuss, view of a swan, appeared to be broadly solarized to blue, in effect resembling an ethereal daguerreian negative.

A second, bird-themed show at Ricco-Maresca Gallery, Gaggles, Flocks, and Covies will apparently include modern daguerreotypes by Mark Kessell, along with other photographic and non-photographic art.

The Antiquarian Avant-Garde (June 13 - August 9)
Sarah Morthland Gallery, 511 West 25th St., Suite 709 NYC (212 242-7767)

Gaggles, Flocks, and Covies (June 20 - August 16)
Ricco-Maresca Gallery, 529 West 20th Street, 3rd Floor, NYC (212 627-4819)