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"Flowers 2002" Half-Plate Series Completed

16 Jul. 2002

Over the last six months Mike has shot a series of 21 half-plate daguerreotypes, "Flowers 2002." A series of floral still lifes, some with the addition of hand-coloring, these plates also draw on the brilliant whites presented by objects from a private collection of graniteware. As usual with Robinson's work, the plates combine an exceptional range of tonality and three-dimensional detail with a modern choice of subject matter. The result presents a clear challenge to those who would pigeonhole the daguerreotype as a process which is inherently "19th century", or view the 19th century daguerreotype as a "lost art" whose technical qualities are inaccessible to modern artists.

Click here to view a gallery of all 21 plates.

Plates from "Flowers 2002" will be shown at Photo San Francisco (July 25-28) by Christopher Wahren Fine Photographs. (For purchase information please contact CWFP.)

"Lamp & Dried Roses" from Flowers 2002