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"Visitation of the Mannequin" at AGO Gala

29 Mar. 2003

Spring Hurlbut and Mike Robinson have just completed a set of three daguerreotypes to be displayed at the Art Gallery of Ontario's fundraising gala, "Got it, got it, need it, got it, a party to celebrate the collecting spirit", scheduled for Saturday, March 29, 2003. These new plates build on Mike and Spring's earlier series of mannequin daguerreotypes, one of which was displayed in the AGO's surrealism show "Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall" last summer (see article of 1/12/2002).

In a series of imagined scenes, the Visitation daguerreotypes play off works from the AGO European Old Masters Collection as well as the disassembled Mannequin itself, displayed in reliquary-like cases in the AGOs Laidlaw Gallery.

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"The Mannequin Holding a Daguerreotype"


"The Visitation"