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Still-Life & "Ghost" Images Acquired by GEH

10 Mar. 2004

The George Eastman House has added two modern daguerreotypes by Mike Robinson to their photography collection. The first of these is a still-life composition and the second a "ghost" view of participants in the 2001 Historical Processes Workshop.

The inspiration for Robinson's half-plate, "Still Life with Pitcher, Fruit and Candlestick" began with another half-plate conceived as a wedding image for his friends Meg Kaufman and Ken Nelson. Carrying the atmosphere of a Dutch still-life rather than traditional daguerreian-era imagery, the plate also reflects Mike's ongoing use of hand-coloring in his images.     (Click on any image for a closer view)

In Robinson's GEH plate, mood and lighting remain as in the earlier image, but with an extended composition and additional hand-coloring. An decorative octagonal passe-partout, reminiscent of French images from the 1850s, is used as housing:

A second, unique half plate of Mike's will also be entering the GEH collection, one which uses the relatively slow exposure time of the daguerreotype to its advantage, capturing ghost-like images of participants at the Historical Processes Workshop as they move about the Eastman House conservatory. This plate is titled "Workshop Spirit":

As of press time, one alternate plate of Mike's daguerreian still-life "Pitcher, Fruit and Candlestick" is available.