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Daguerreian Equipment Now Available From Century Darkroom

12 Apr. 2004

Mike Robinson's Century Darkroom is pleased to announce that they have available beautifully detailed daguerrean mercury pots and sensitizing boxes as well as the capability to build any custom pieces required for the daguerreotype and other historical photographic processes. Without altering the essentially hand-worked nature of the daguerreian proces, this equipment combines the highest standards of hand craftmanship with modern innovations such as digital temperature measurement and electronic heating controls.

All equipment is built to order by an associate who has many years experience as a (modern) photographer and who in recent years has decided to become a fabricator of some truly superb pieces for the daguerreotype process. Century Darkroom Daguerreotype Equipment began with pieces hand-built to modern daguerreotypist Mike Robinson's own exacting requirements.

For further information visit the Century Darkroom Daguerreotype Equipment website.