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Mike Robinson - News

Daguerreian Society Meets in Newport RI, Nov. 11-14

07 Nov. 2004

The Daguerreian Society will be holding their annual Symposium this week in Newport Rhode Island, Thursday, November 11 through Sunday November 14. The Symposium promotes the Society's interest in the 19th-century and modern daguerreotype, and features lectures, exhibitions and a trade fair.

Events at the Symposium for modern daguerreotypists include an exhibit of modern daguerreotypes and a "Modern Daguerreian's Room" in the hotel where daguerreotypists can meet to exchange their experiences and show off their work.

For further information on the Symposium, visit the Daguerreian Society website at:

Mike Robinson will be present during the event and his work will be on display at the trade fair, including a selection of occupational images from his recent show at Ryerson University. (See related news item.) Mike plans to produce outdoor daguerreotypes in the Newport vicinity and will be taking the Society's group portrait. A portrait sitting with Mike will also be auctioned off during the Society's benefit auction.

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