Daguerreian Portraits
by Mike Robinson

The American daguerreotypists of the 19th century were not disconnected practitioners of an art intended purely for Art's sake. Rather, their greatest works had a thorough grounding in the daily practice of commercial portraiture. Mike continues to bring the range of his abilities to bear on commissioned daguerreian portraits.

Robinson's portrait work, like its 19th century predecessors, is a way of capturing the passing moment in a unique and enduring form.

Portraits are normally executed in Robinson's Toronto studio. To arrange a sitting, contact Mike directly at:

Mike Robinson / Century Darkroom
245 Carlaw Avenue, Studio 502
Toronto ON M4M 2S1 - CANADA
tel. 416 469 8128
email: mike@centurydarkroom.com


(At top:) "Wedding Couple"
Quarter Plate Daguerreotype.
November, 2000.

(At bottom:) "Two Sisters"
Quarter Plate Daguerreotype.
September, 2001.