Daguerreotype Portraits

Why would anyone what their daguerreotype taken today?  Daguerreotype portraits are timeless images of indivuduals or groups.  History has proven the daguerreotype to be among the most enduring of photographs providing a visual legacy for generations to come.

Portrait sittings, arranged by appointment, usually require two to four hours at my studio in Toronto.  During the sitting I'll take between three and six exposures but sometimes more for groups.  I work collaboratively with you to adjust the lighting, pose and sensitizing to suit the day until we are are satisfied.  The sitting price includes your choice of one plate from the days work. You may buy additional images from the sitting if you wish.  I work in traditional nineteenth century sizes of sixth, quarter and half plate, however, custom sizes are possible.  A variety of housing or mounting methods are available at a range of prices, including reverse paint passé-parout cover glass and I can adapt the plate to your own housing if needed. 


Please contact me to learn more about having your daguerreotype likeness made.