Re-Inventing the Daguerreotype for the 21st Century

Patent Pending  

...USPTO utility patent for an new Mercury Vapor Apparatus that solves the challenges with mercury and more!

  • Uses 99.99% less mercury than inverted pyramid designs 
  • Easily transportable with no risk of mercury spills
  • No darkroom necessary - develop daguerreotypes in the camera holder
  • Built-in heating system works on North American or UK/Europe voltage simply by  switching the power cable
  • PID digital readout of process temperature in °F or °C
  • Custom configurations possible
                                                    Functional prototype for half-plates

                                                  Functional prototype for half-plates


At left is an 8 x10 model for use with a standard Lisco Fidelity film holder.  Available in teak or cherry  


  • 8 x 10 Standard Version - $3,250 USD
  • 4 x 5 or 5 x 7 Standard Version - $2,750 USD
  • Whole-Plate Custom Version - $3,250 USD
  • Half-Plate Custom Version - $3,000 USD
  • Custom Requirements - contact me for pricing 
  • Reduction Frames for smaller plate holders - $500 USD

Every unit is custom built to order on a first come first served basis.  Production will start mid-July 2018 ... please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Deposit of $1,000.00 USD is required to place an order.  

Please contact me if you have questions about purchasing a new Century Darkroom Mercury Vapour Apparatus, or if you are ready to place an order click here...