Re-Inventing the Daguerreotype for the 21st Century

Patent Pending  

...USPTO utility patent for an new Mercury Vapor Apparatus that solves the challenges with mercury and more!

“A superbly simple, space saving, practical and efficient device” … Dan Carrillo, owner of an 8 x 10 unit.

“I have been using your new vapour mercury box for over 100 dags, it doesn’t show any sign of lack of mercury vapour.

It’s quite a good design.’’ …Hengli Ge, owner of a 4 x 5 unit.

The mercurizer is great! I have lots of other issues with dags, but the mercurizer is not one of them. I must say that the mercurizer and the plates are the most reliable things in my process.” … Michal Sitkiewicz, owner of a custom 5 x 7 unit.

  • Uses 99.99% less mercury than inverted pyramid designs

  • Easily transportable with no risk of mercury spills

  • No darkroom necessary - develop daguerreotypes in the camera holder

  • Built-in heating system works on North American or UK/Europe voltage simply by switching the power cable

  • PID digital readout of process temperature in °F or °C

  • Custom configurations possible

  • Available in teak or cherry wood


At right is a 5 x 7 model designed for use with a film holder supplied by the client.

In Cherry with a satin oil finish


At left is an 8 x10 model for use with a standard Lisco Fidelity film holder.

In Teak with a satin oil finish.


8 x 10 Standard Version with a 4 x 5 reduction frame next to a 4 x 5 Standard Version at right.


  • 8 x 10 Standard Version - $3,250 USD

  • 4 x 5 or 5 x 7 Standard Version - $2,750 USD

  • Whole-Plate Custom Version - $3,250 USD

  • Half-Plate Custom Version - $3,000 USD

  • Custom Requirements - contact me for pricing

  • Reduction Frames for smaller plate holders - $500 USD

Every unit is custom built to order on a first come first served basis.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Deposit of $1,000.00 USD is required to place an order.  

Please contact me if you have questions about purchasing a new Century Darkroom Mercury Vapour Apparatus, or if you are ready to place an order click here...