Century Darkroom Daguerreotype Plates


Premium Quality

Century Darkroom Daguerreotype Plates are made by the traditional cold roll cladding process using specially fabricated rollers

The surface finish is second to none requiring far less preparation compared to other plates

The silver layer is 25 microns thick which allows them to be reused several times...a tremendous economical advantage for beginners or advanced practitioners who like to experiment

The silver layer on Century Darkroom plates is much softer and more homogeneous than electroplated silver, yielding brilliant highlights and beautiful tones

Daguerreians agree...these are the finest plates that money can buy!

I’m getting one stop faster exposures and love polishing a softer silver layer.
— Craig Tuffin
The silver layer of Mike’s clad plate has no strikes, no holes, very clean!
— Simone Choulle - Taller Daguerrotipo

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